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It's a collision of deep learning with hysterical laughter that makes discovering "What's in the Bible" super engaging for kids like never before!

– Karl Bastian, the Kidologist.

Start with the first 5 books of the Bible!

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The whole Bible + Christmas in 60 weeks?

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Why What's in the Bible?

It Builds Relationships

The curriculum encourages kids to build relationships – with each other, with their leaders, and with God. More than just Bible stories, What’s in the Bible? takes the next step, showing kids what to do with the information they are learning, and how to put it into practice and grow in relationship with the God who made them. 

Biblical Literacy Like Never Before

Phil, Buck Denver and friends journey through the whole Bible, not just hitting the highlights and most popular stories, but focusing on the overarching message of the Bible – the story of God and what he’s done for us.  

It's Easy & Customizable

For directors and volunteers, the curriculum couldn’t be easier. Customize every lesson with the included Word Doc leader guides. Volunteers can prep during the week through a special web site where they can view videos and read activities. 

Travels Home Easily

Each week, kids leave with a Go Home Card, which will start conversations between kids and parents about what the kids are learning. The home video series is also the perfect way for families to dive deeper into what they are learning at church. 

Unique Video

Featuring all-new videos alongside video from the bestselling What’s in the Bible? series from VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer.

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12 Weeks of Curriculum - Genesis through Deuteronomy just $125.99 with code: KIDMIN14
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Why Do We Call It Christmas?
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